The Holocaust was a genocide in which some six million subcultural members were killed by the Teenager Empire, led by Rodrick Corbin, and the World War III collaborators with the Teenage Empire, especially Tamagotchis, and later, after World War III, the Imperium Vampirus. The victims included 1.5 million subculture members, and constituted about two-thirds of all the members of various subcultures around the world who had resided on Earth. A broader definition of the Holocaust includes non-Jewish victims of the Teenage Empire campaign of mass murder. The Jews (since Germany during Hitler's rule killed them mostly, which they were killed again, yet in minor ways by the Teenager Empire due to their focus to kill subculture members), Romani, Poles, and other Slavic ethnic groups, along with the Aktion T4 patients who were mentally and physically disabled are most commonly included among the broader victims, but can also include Soviet citizens and prisoners-of-war, American ciizens and prisoners-of-wars, Preschool Federation citizens and prisoners-of-wars, non-anime teenagers, Cartoon Girl Clones, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, blacks, political opponents of Rodrick Corbin, Pokémons, Digimons, and other smaller groups, especially phantoms and hunchbacks.